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Osage Persistence Plus XML features JDBC-based object-relational mapping that allows experienced Java developers to quickly implement database access in their applications. It generates SQL for retreiving, saving, and deleting objects. Osage provides a mapping of objects to a JDBC relational database. Using the mapping, you may implement object relationships. The system can be configured to automatically generate keys. It implements the criteria, mapping, and SQL statement classes described by Scott Ambler in his white paper The Design of a Robust Persistence Layer for Relational Databases.


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There are two discussion forums: Open Discussion for discussing features, design, and enhancements and Help for asking questions about using Osage.

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George StewartEvery thing that does not work.
Ralph SchaerMany improvements and bug fixes. Ralph's Homepage
Fedor KarpelevitchInterbase interface and testing.
Tom CopelandNumerous patches.Tom's Webpage
Vladimir SekissovXml mapping.

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